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Fore-running Influencer Marketing Services Company

Digital Experts India is a noteworthy influencer marketing company that connects businesses to new audiences through social media influencers. We find new target consumers who love your products.


Influencer marketing is an emerging digital marketing strategy. It has potential to build brand affinity and reach out to new audiences through authentic content and paid partnerships. Though this strategy is still in an incubation stage, it has already emerged as a powerful tool to reach out to target audiences provided one has expertise to exploit the most of such campaigns.

Digital Experts India develops customized strategies for meeting client objectives. Our experience with the most popular influencers across diverse range of sectors help us deliver superior outcomes and take your brand to the pinnacle of success. We are a fore-running influencer marketing services company in India offering data-driven strategies to generate higher revenues, increase your brand awareness, and thus, grow your business

What are the benefits of Influencer Marketing

Lets get into details of the benefits of Influencer Marketing


Businesses find it harder to promote merchandise as paid ad costs keep increasing, while influencer marketing can help in keeping the costs down. Compared to other promotional forms, influencer marketing is relatively reasonable. The cost of an influencer largely depends on the audience size and targeted niche. Thus, influencer marketing helps to boosts sales, earn huge ROIs and save more money.

Enhances Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing can vastly widen your reach and positioning online. Social users will get to know more about your brand, who you are, your story, and the services you offer. Influencer marketing serves as a win-win strategy as it ensures value addition on both the sides by offering content that adds value to their social media presence as well.

Reaches Relevant Audiences

You don’t have to incur additional expenses in testing and finding your audience as the influencer has already cultivated this audience on social media. Therefore, by default, your content gets placed in front of the social users who are already interested in your niche. It is our mission to create value-driven and engaging content for your target audience whilst following SEO content marketing best practices.  

Builds Trust Quickly

Influencers tend to share covalent bonds having trust and credibility with their followers. People value their recommendations and content. We perform a thorough market research combining all the crucial metrics that ensures profitable results and drive robust customer relationship. For instance, every piece of content created for your website will get optimized for search engines to find you easily and engage.  

How Your Influencer Marketing Campaign will Commence?

Competitor Analysis

Once we are aware what type of content your audiences are engaging with, we analyze how your competitors are engaging with them. And make a list of opportunities and lacunae we can exploit within your influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers Market Your Brand

Lastly, the influencers will perform the required content designing and promotional tasks. Based on the influencer marketing strategy proposed, the social media stars will create entertaining videos, images, and host engaging giveaways to put your brand first. 

We Analyze Your Business Objectives

We first evaluate your business objectives before implementing an influencer marketing strategy. The collaborations we create with the influencers help achieve your targets and boost overall business ROI.

We Design an Influencer Marketing Tactic

We have done all the research. Now we devise an influencer marketing strategy that has its entire focus on achieving your business targets. At this stage, we have list of influencers whom we would like to collaborate with.

Why choose Digital Experts India for Influencer Marketing Services?

Niche Influencers

We have partnered with top-rated niche influencers with maximum market worth. Our professional collaboration with the top names in the influencer market help businesses attains their brand objectives. Hire us and achieve the desired market worth!

Data Driven

Data-driven Approach

Data is crucial and we understand the confidentiality of data. Therefore, our experts execute data-driven approach that never fails to impress. Whether it is to formulate a strategy or choose the right influencers, we ensure to achieve the best.


Being one of the leading influencer marketing service companies, we take pride in maintaining absolute honesty and transparency in all our dealings. We ensure that you are kept in the loop about every stage that we take regarding your influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing Services Platforms

Instagram – From posting attractive images to effectively delivering your message through captions, we will ensure everything is absolutely in order as per the campaign strategy.

YouTube – The popularity of video content is inevitable. We will also connect with the YouTube influencers for your brand to attain maximum reach as devised in the campaign.

Facebook – The fame of Facebook is undeniable and influencer marketing strategy is incomplete until we take this social media giant into account. Creating interest for your brand on Facebook is also our responsibility.

Twitter – Let the influencer Tweets about your brand go viral with the right strategy at work and the handiwork of our top influencers.

How We Devise Our Influencer Marketing Campaign?

No two Digital Experts India influencer marketing campaigns are the same. Every brand, influencer, and audience is distinct, so we devise the campaign around your business and business objectives. We find the appropriate influencers for your brand, from mega influencers with a global reach to niche and micro-influencers popular for authenticity. We ensure the influencers share your brand values, have an audience that is a perfect match for your business and a high engagement rate.

Then, we collaborate with influencers to plan creative and robust campaigns that inspire, engage and inform their audience.

Sector Research

We conduct research in your sector to locate the best social media platforms, and content creators around. We then run a competitor analysis on whether or not they have executed influencer marketing campaigns, who they have partnered with and how successful their efforts were. Based on the same, we plan on giving your business a competitive advantage. 

Influencer Tracing

Once we identify the most influential content creators in your sector, we will reach out to them. We have huge network of influencers that we already have partnered with, so chances are we have worked with them before. But if not, we will reach out and initiate developing a relationship with them on your behalf. 

Partnership Negotiations

Influencers are best acquainted with their audience, so we work with them to create a marketing campaign that their followers will find intriguing, helping you achieve your business goals. We aim to build a partnership that offers value to the influencers and their followers and helps your business get the attention it deserves. 


Q.) What are the 3R’s of Influencer Marketing?

The 3R’s of Influencer Marketing are outlined below:

  • Relevance – Relevance identifies whether the person promoting the brand and their audience is a good fit. Influencers tend to attract like-minded followers who share an interest in what they post about. Relevance is important because it dictates who the audience of the influencer is and what would be the reputation of the influencer.
  • Reach – Reach is the influencers audience size. How many followers are there, how many typically view their stories? The more people notice your post, the better, specifically, if it is a relevant influencer with appropriate audience that has a huge reach.
  • Resonance – Resonance is the influencer’s ability to drive measurable engagement. The number of like and comments an influencer gets on every post and the performance of their branded content in past is considered. The engagement rate is the number of interactions an influencer gets based on the followers they have.

Thus, the combination of relevance, reach and resonance produces content that reach the appropriate audiences, a larger audience and drives significant impact within that audience.

Q.) What are different types of social media influencers?

The different type of influencers are outline below:

  • Nano influencers – Nano influencers have followers in the range of 1k – 10k on atleast one social media platform. Thus, these type of influencers typically has a high engagement rate. This type of influencer is suitable for new ventures and SME’s, as they offer a cost-effective means to promote merchandise.
  • Micro influencers – Micro influencers have followers in the range of 10 k – 100k on any of the social media networks. Usually, they have a reasonable engagement rate and a more targeted audience as they have moved into a niche. These type of influencers are suitable for all business types as long as they match your brand objectives and niche.
  • Macro influencers – Macro influencers have followers in the range of 100k to 1 million and typically consist of social media celebrities. Considering their huge following, engagement levels may be less than micro and nano influencers. Businesses intending to enhance their brand awareness, a macro influencer could be for you.
  • Mega influencers – Mega influencers have 1 million plus followers falling in the bracket of elite influencers and creators. In comparison to other influencer types, these individuals have broader target audience. Businesses with a lavish marketing budget can use these influencers to get their brand name out there.

Q.) What are the objectives of Influencer Marketing programs?

The objectives of the Influencer Marketing programs are as follows:

  • Brand awareness – Building awareness means getting your brand in forefront of as many audiences as possible and inspiring meaningful conversations. You want to exhibit your brand to the world with the objective of turning people into customers.
  • Conversions – Making sales and increasing revenue are some of the most common conversion. Other conversion objectives include form submissions, email sign-ups, ebook downloads, etc.
  • Content – This objective involves creating original user-generated content as a catalyst to your marketing and branding efforts. Such content is a priceless for brands with limited budgets.
  • Web traffic – Effective influencer collaborations drive traffic to your website and generate leads.
  • Brand goodwill – To build brand goodwill, you need to focus on solidifying your brand image and developing trust amongst your customers and followers. Generating widespread positive sentiment for your brand among your target market is one key way to build brand reputation.

Q.) How to use Influencer Marketing to expand your business?

Here are some guidance tips to use Influencer Marketing to expand your business:

  • Identify the appropriate influencers – When partnering with influencers, choose the ones that understand your business. Conduct a research on influencers who are already talking about similar products and services.
  • Opt for micro-influencers – If you have just started out or are an emerging business, you don’t have to use mega influencers or celebrities that are hard on budget. Micro-influencers have a high engagement rate and are more accessible than conventional celebrities.
  • Choose an appropriate social media channel – Every influencer has an independent social media channel they are active on. Before partnering with an influencer for your brand, determine where your potential customers like to hang out on. And then choose an influencer who is popular on that social platform.
  • Set objectives – Once you have finalized the influencers and platforms to use, set measurable objectives. If your objective is to attract new customers, share this information with the influencer. So that they can customize their content to attain this objective.
  • Provide the required resources – For successful execution of the marketing campaign, you have to provide the influencer with required resources. It could be in form of photos, case studies, videos, customer testimonials, and any other data they can use to promote your brand.